Caftanist Affiliate Program

Caftanist Affiliate Program
Get a special custom discount code (that expires every Raya) that offers 5% OFF a total order whenever someone uses them. Your collective order value will be calculated in full by the 30th of April by which you will be reimbursed with a 5% Commission* from the total order value (minus shipment fees) collected. Affiliates must actively post and promote their discount codes on their own pages. Reports will be given once the active period is over for commission claims.
Raya Booth
If you are participating in a booth for Raya, you may purchase our collections in bulk to enjoy a discount between 10-25% depending on the order quantity. We will actively repost your booth promotion at a rate of 1 post per day**
Area Dropshipper/Reseller/Stockist
If you are planning to sell in your local state/district or if you have a local store. You may enjoy a between 10-25% through a bulk purchase. 
1) Dropshippers will receive a personalised Discount Code which entitles to a 15% discount from total purchases (10% Profit to dropshippers, 5% Discount is given to customers)
2) Resellers & Stockists enjoy a rate of 15% and above* subjected due duration resellership as well as total accumulated orders
*Minimum 10 Orders to be eligible for commission claims
**Story post must meet the minimum quality standards